Sullivan, P: Waking up in Iceland

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Sullivan, Paul
Waking up in Iceland

eng. , 2003, Kt

A tribute to one of Europe´s hippest destinations, f...
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Sullivan, Paul :

Waking up in Iceland

Englisch. London, 2003. 301 S., Abb., 22 cm. Kt

A tribute to one of Europe´s hippest destinations, focussing particularly on its dance music scene.
Iceland is one of the most unique and fascinating countries in the world. A visually stunning island full of glaciers, volcanoes, lava fields and snow-capped mountains, the homeland of Bjork now boasts a thriving pop-music scene, its capital, Reykjavik, recently acquiring a reputation for being one of the most painfully hip locales in Europe. Once perceived as a cold, isolated European outpost, Iceland is now one of the most desirable travel destinations in Europe, a place so happening Damon Albarn of Blur even bought a house there. Music is a key reason for Iceland´s radical image change and this guide looks at not only the music scene, but also the city and country in general. It provides advice on where to stay, the best clubs, DJ bars, music festivals and night clubs, and where to find guided tours for those essential day trips out.

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