Arnalds, Ó: Soils of Iceland

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Arnalds, Ólafur
The Soils of Iceland

eng. , 2016, Kt

In this new volume in the World Soil series, the va...
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Arnalds, Ólafur :

The Soils of Iceland

Englisch. 2. Aufl. Berlin, 2016. XVII, 183 S., 169 farb. u. 17 s/w-Abb., 27,9 cm. Kt

In this new volume in the World Soil series, the various types of Icelandic soils, their different characteristics, their formation, degradation and erosion are reviewed. At the same time, the book also deals with the agriculture and land use in general to give a complete view of Icelandic soils. The first part details the natural parameters such as the climate and the geography of Iceland. It also explains Icelandic geology, which is the major parameter controlling the soil formation in this country. The author describes the formation of Iceland, the main volcanic systems, central volcanoes, tephra production and its influence on the soils. Explanations on rocks, glaciers, rivers and other main geologic features are also given. The book continues with a description of the Icelandic geomorphology, giving insights on the main surface types, frost, cryoturbation and other cryogenic features. Then it details the different types of soils, their formation and main features, comparing the Icelandic soils to other soils elsewhere in the world. Erosion and land degradation are then reviewed, including the exceptionally active wind erosion and dust production. Finally, it gives an insight on land use, agriculture and vegetation types. All this accompanied by the most amazing photos to illustrate the great diversity of Icelandic Soil.

Geology.- Geomorphology.- Andosols.- Main soil types of Iceland.- Soils of vegetated areas.- Andosols and Histosols.- Soils of Icelandic deserts.- Aeolian processes in Iceland.- Collapse and restoration.- The role of frost in the Icelandic soil environment.- Land use and vegetation.

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