Konefal, S: The Cinema of Iceland

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Konefal, Sebastian Jakub
The Cinema of Iceland

eng. , 2019, Geb

The book focuses on the history and evol...
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Konefal, Sebastian Jakub :

The Cinema of Iceland :
Between Tradition and Liquid Modernity

Englisch. Bern, 2019. 228 S., 50 Abb., 21,0 cm. (Interdisciplinary Studies in Performance, 18) Geb

The book focuses on the history and evolution of the national and transnational cinema from Iceland. The author analyses popular topics and narrative strategies in Icelandic films. The research covers local versions of black comedies, road movies, crime stories and figures connected with the motif of struggle between tradition and modernity.

ISBN 978-3-631-77864-7 9783631778647 Peter Lang AG