Griffin, B: Water People

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Griffin, Brian
The Water People

eng. , 2006, Geb

In his first major UK exhibition in 15 years, Britain’s...
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Griffin, Brian :

The Water People

Englisch. Reykjavík, 2006. 96 S., Abb., m. CD-ROM, 31*31 cm. Geb

In his first major UK exhibition in 15 years, Britain’s greatest living portrait photographer presents the mythic tale of an aerial expedition across Iceland’s epic landscape in search of The Water People.
Brian Griffin draws on Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth in response to a commission from Reykjavik Energy, visualising the pathway of its remarkable geothermal infrastructure as a modern Icelandic saga. The adventure – retold through a surreal, filmic narrative of large-scale colour and black-and-white photographs – begins with a bizarre rooftop encounter, where he is introduced to his aircrew. And so the flight of fancy unfolds – a voyage into a netherworld of gaseous, ethereal landscapes, following a pathway of polished metallic pipelines to discover The City of the Water People, inhabited by strange, amorphous, liquid life forms.

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