Snæland, G: Thermal Pools in Iceland

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Snæland, Jón G./ Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Þóra
Thermal Pools in Iceland

eng. , 2010, Kt

This is a book about t...
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Snæland, Jón G./ Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Þóra :

Thermal Pools in Iceland

Übersetzt von Wincie Jóhannsdóttir. Englisch. Reykjavík, 2010. 208 S., farb. Abb., Kte., Kt

This is a book about thermal pools, one of the unique natural phenomena of Iceland. It describes well over 100 pools that are worth a visit, both untouched natural pools and man-made ones filled by natural hot water. They are found in all kinds of surroundings: the tideland of a fjord, the middle of a farmyard, an ice cave in the interior, even a village main street. The book is invaluable for anyone who fancies a warm bathe while on their travels. Since many pools are difficult to find, especially in the interior, the GPS location is given for every one and there are photographs of every pool. Good maps and lively descriptions make this book a practical, easy-to-use and entertaining travelling companion.

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